Hello D.A Yates

Hello from D.A YATES! And welcome to finally our first official posting. We have even gone to the trouble of putting in pictures! He He.

To begin our blog I though it might be appropriate to show another beginning in our lives, OUR NEW STUDIO. Ok so its not so new now, being 4 months old.

For almost 3 years we operated from a tiny office in our tiny house. We toyed with building a studio under the house which got too complicated and then a ray of light shone on our fortunes and the perfect place came up for lease in our home suburb of Seven Hills. We took the plunge armed with paint brushes, sledge hammers and a lot of faith in our abilities as builders. 2 months later, six levels of lino ripped up, more coats of paint than the Sistine chapel  and new found friends at Bunnings we opened the doors to our lovely studio.

Thanks must be given to Jeff – (Bob) our builder, Staunchy – Electrical magician, Ange – Inspirational Interior Designer and amazing support! Dave – Brother, architrave expert, and general overseer, John – Mickey’s dad, a hidden Picasso and Lila – daughter who bless her cotton socks came and helped out as much as she could and suggested we have pizza at Marco’s every night.

The greatest thanks must go to my lovely husband Mickey. Thank you baby, for having faith in what we do and what I do and for working your butt off and still loving me even when I am a crazy lady. xx

So please enjoy our before and after pictures and feel free to say hi and leave your thoughts.

x Denise


I am sure the caption for this is “Babe where the hell do we begin?”





A wall down and six floors up.


Its a family effort, Lila, Mickey and John


A bit of paint and some pretty pictures…..Hello Studio Yates


The Studio and Viewing Room


Reception Area (My welcoming room)



Let’s go outside..



When you drive past look out for my scribbles on my outdoor black board which is updated with my favourite quotes and any news.


  • Melissa O'Neill

    • Jun 12, 2009

    What a transformation! Yeehaa to the Yates’s! The Studio is Stylish and unique – just like you De x Next time i am in Oz – I’ll be up for a visit! Miss you loads xo Keep following your dreams – I am x Melissa

    • Jun 12, 2009

    Wow I can’t believe how much you transformed the studio! you guys rock! Ok when we buy a house, I’m calling on you, Mickey and Lila for the reno… he he he! It’s seriously gorgeous. xx Nic

    • Jun 12, 2009

    Yay! Go team Yates… can’t wait to read about all your upcoming photographic adventures.

    • Jun 21, 2009

    Yo Super D.. your place is looking very swanky indeed !! love it!
    oh & sweet pics too 😀

  • troyboy

    • Jun 21, 2009

    You guys should be so proud of yourselves, making dreams come true not only for yourselves, thats success!

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